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Have you gotten requests for song compositions?

Jinyoung: I've heard that there are requests, but B1A4's album comes first so I'm concentrating on working on that. In any case, the best thing to have come out of me going on Produce 101 is that B1A4 is more known to the public now, with us even appearing on real time search ranking. As 'At The Same Place' took off, so did 'B1A4'. I thought to myself, this is not something that I do alone - if I work hard at doing it, it would help the team too.

What image did you want 'At The Same Place' to have?

Jinyoung: When I looked at the Produce 101 trainees, I felt that they met in a reality that at times was cold, and at other times was warm. They practice and make memories together at the same place, but depending on the final results they would eventually be separated too. I used those feelings to write the song.

The lyrics are obviously sad, but the melody is strangely powerful.

Jinyoung: When I looked at the trainees, I didn't only feel like they were simply weak. I thought about how I would have done if I went on the program myself, and it really wouldn't have been easy. They worked hard and did well at everything, and dreamt big dreams. That's why I hoped that this song would not just be a sad one to them. It contains the sad stories, but at the same time shows the strength of their aspirations in the chorus. I wondered if I should slow down the tempo, since it would be young girls singing, or whether I should go softer on the drum kicks. But in the end I didn't feel like that was necessary.

It also sounds like a girl group song from the 90s.

Jinyoung: I made the intro so as to make those listening recall their memories. I used the electronic organ for its unusual vibes. Many adults tell me that when they listen to the song, they think of their first loves. It doesn't end at whether I made a good or bad song - I always hope that the listeners can smell the same kind of perfume I hope they can smell. I always think that there is a scent for every person. It may sound a little outdated, but I don't feel like I need to change it into something more modern. My parents love music, so I grew up listening to many songs from the past and followed them to live cafes. I guess the feelings from back then kinda stuck with me. (laugh)

The song made a huge impact on the survival and elimination of the trainees. Did you feel the burden?

Jinyoung: I try not to think of the burden when I compose a song. The burden is there even when I'm composing songs for B1A4's album but I consciously try not to think about it. Otherwise even the good things might turn out bad. Similarly, I tried not to think of it this time but watching Produce 101 made me learn about how earnest the trainees were. I thought to myself, "If I make a mistake here, it might ruin someone's entire life". With those thoughts, I tried to be even more meticulous when directing them (during recording). The recording started in the evening, and ended at almost 5 or 6am for 'At The Same Place'. For 'When The Cherry Blossoms Fade', we ended at 8 in the morning. I was meticulous, but I wasn't strict! (laughs) There were many of them who never recorded in the studio before, so I felt like if I had shown my unhappiness they would have become nervous and cause a delay in the recording. There are many times that I've been much stricter when directing our members.

Just exactly how strict?

Jinyoung: I wouldn't say anything overboard, but more like I wouldn't let them out of the recording booth for long periods of time once they enter. There are times where one person took almost 2 to 3 hours each. To be honest, instead of correcting them with words, I let them listen to what has been recorded so that they can realize for themselves what needs improving. I feel like it's a much better method to do so rather than to tell them off. We've been together so long that they themselves realize what needs to be changed.

B1A4's 'Sweet Girl' and 'Lonely' feel very much like the songs you have made for the girl groups recently, maybe due to their vague moods.

Jinyoung: In terms of music that I listen to, I don't really have a particular type I only listen to. I like music that's totally hip-hop, and I also like girl group songs. Even when I go back and listen to the tracks I composed long time, the genres are all different. But I do think I like some kind of a... vague vibe to my songs. I want a song to not just end when it ends, but to leave an afterglow. That's why when I compose a song, I try to make it so that it evokes memories. I also like the term 'memories' very much.

Specifically, how do you do that?

Jinyoung: 'Solo Day' starts with a whistle, while 'Tried To Walk' starts with the sounds of wind. If you listen to the tracks on the Tried To Walk album, the intro starts with a very gloomy guitar melody, and then the sound of footsteps, after which 'Tried To Walk' starts. As for Lonely, there were noise effects - it contains a little bit of the sounds of children playing at the playground. I try many different things to try touching certain emotions. 

Perhaps it's because of these emotions in your songs that you receive the appraisal that even though you're young you seem like you know it all. (laugh)

Jinyoung: There are really many people who say so. The mixing director and producers that I'm close with are all in their 40s. (laugh) When we have a drink together, they say that they do not feel any sense of discomfort with me, and ask if I lied about my age. That's not true but... Hmm I'm curious why people say that of me. Since I'm not very sure about myself either..

You gained a significant amount of experience as a producer in a relatively short period of time. Have you ever thought of composing for other groups as well?

Jinyoung: I feel like it's important to be able to compose a lot. But right now, I don't wish for myself to succeed as a producer alone, instead I hope that what I do will eventually be an advantage to the team. The wider my spectrum, the more different B1A4's albums will be - I think that through such ways there will be good synergy demonstrated. Many people ask about a solo album, but I feel that there will be an opportunity for that some time in the future, after the team gets better success. I just want everything to go in its own flow. Just because I am a little more well-known now does not mean that I want to immediately release a solo album.

I guess you don't really tread on air from getting compliments.

Jinyoung: For both positive and negative comments, I only take 50% of it to heart. No matter whose words those are, there's no way it would be 100% right. In the past, when someone said that the songs I composed were just average, I got hurt. But now, I think to myself, "this person thinks of it this way" and just leave it at that. To alternate between joy and grief at one's words may cause everything to come to ruin. The first time my song was chosen to be a title song was 'Baby I'm Sorry', and I did mixing on that song for 7 times because I had no backbone. If someone said it didn't sound good, I'd fix it. Another person says it's just average, I'd fix it again. A mixing engineer told me before, that a producer needs to have his own endurance. At that point, I realized it. That I need to listen to the words of others but also stand my point. Thanks to that experience, I think I learnt more about producing. 

We hear that you did not start composing by learning it professionally.

Jinyoung: That's right. That's why at first, I did not think of arrangements. I would just record a very low-quality selfmade melody, and it got interesting so I started messing around with programs. But when I got it arranged, it was so different from what I imagined it to be. The more I tried my hand at it, the more I wanted to make something that I wanted. So I played around with equipment myself, did research, and eventually learnt to arrange music by myself. I think this is the correct direction. All my thoughts are embedded in my songs - I can't have someone else realize the things that I want in my songs. I usually go and oversee the mixing and mastering of the songs during final production of an album, and I take quite a lot of pride in that. There are many things to learn, and through that I meet many people. I consider all of these 'nutrition' for me to move forward and grow.

As much as you've grown, there is also a significant difference in the character of B1A4's music.

Jinyoung: We don't release music with the mindset that "this is the kind of image we want to show everyone" so it's not really a 'character' persay. I would rather say that our albums simply contains the images of how we grew up. It's the imagery of how we are aging.

True, you're already celebrating your fifth anniversary of your debut.

Jinyoung: I wonder how did 5 years just pass like that. When we first debuted, we looked at seniors in their fifth year of debut and wondered to ourselves when would we build up our seniority like that... But time passes and we're already there. When we were high school students, we felt like we would never turn 20, but now I'm already 26... But I try not to put a lot of meaning into it. I just like to think, "I'm spending my time well, and I will just continue to do so".

When you're with the members, do you feel that it's different from the past, as if everyone is now an adult?

Jinyoung: Honestly I think we are all still kids. When we first met, everyone felt like high school students. Whenever we're together we still play around like the old days so we don't really feel like we've grown up. (laughs) But it does feel a little new when the staff members working around us are younger than us. In the past they were all just noonas and hyungs, but there are lots of people younger than us now so it's quite amazing. 

Has the respect for each other increased with the amount of individual activities?

Jinyoung: Definitely. Last time, I was very nervous as leader. What if he goes on a program somewhere and makes a mistake? What do I do? But now everyone does well on their own. They all do it better than I do now so there's no need to worry about them. I'm even proud of them for being so cool, and there's much to learn. When I see the members like that, they do seem like adults to me. Of course, I also nag less now as compared to when we just debuted. When there's nothing to point out, I don't bother to find one to nitpick. It's nice to be natural. If there's nothing to talk about, it's fine to continue doing as we have been. But when there's something that sticks out, I'll talk to them about it then.

You must also have seen fans grow over the past 5 years.

Jinyoung: Last time, our nickname used to be 'Elementary kids' president'. Even though we haven't been around that long, it isn't that short either. There are many fans that we met when they were in elementary school, but they're coming to see us now after graduating and going to high school. Just like how the fans have watched us grow, it's interesting to see how our fans are growing up too.

So at this point in time, what's the most important thing to you?

Jinyoung: Definitely B1A4's comeback. Even though there's no fixed timeframe that we have to make a comeback by, we are doing our research well. Hitting the milestone of 5 years also means that this album is going to be very important. We're thinking of what we can show everyone after this fifth year. Firstly... A song that I'm fond of needs to appear. I feel that it's a little vague to rush our comeback without anything solid in our hands. But... we're working hard to come back as soon as possible. (laughs)

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MAGAZINE/KOREAN 2016.04.08 17:09

Sleek moves, serious gazes, voices that reach beyond the end of the stage, decently unawkward acting... B1A4 CNU and Sandeul are passing through their mid-20s while giving off a healthy energy and filling and emptying their hearts with incomplete thoughts. They confess that it isn't easy to calm their hearts because of the fine line between nervousness and passion that they have to live as d'Artagnan until the sun gets burning hot and the trees are thriving green.

Both of you are playing the most charming character in the exciting and solid production 'The Three Musketeers', one that has a really remote chance of failing. This is a congratulatory matter right?

CNU: I was very thankful to have received the suggestion of doing this musical. It is a production that both Sandeul and myself have wanted to do very much. On top of that, the recommendation came to both of us in the same group. It was really tempting, and I was surprised but looking forward to it.

Sandeul: When I had my musical debut in 'Brave Brothers' in 2012, a senior told me that if I continued doing musicals, I definitely should try 'The Three Musketeers', and that I would fit the d'Artagnan role very much. That made me look up the musical, and I found it so interesting. I've always wanted to try it, and I'm really happy that the opportunity came so quickly. So happy that I couldn't let go of it (the opportunity).

Being cast together must have been great help to each other. Even though Sandeul is a year younger, he has more experience so I think he might have nagged or gave CNU advice.

CNU: These are not empty words, Sandeul has really helped me a great deal. It's my second production after 'Chess', and the number of advantages he has over me is so much more. Since we're in the same group, we practically live stuck together. I'm just thankful that he gives me advice stemmed from his experiences, asks me about things he's curious about about the production and talks to me about the things that are not working out as well.

Sandeul: Me too. Even though I have done several more productions than hyung, there are still certain things that I miss out - those things, he points them out next to me. There are many things about the character that I learn about through our sharing.

'The Three Musketeers' received high praises for being a high quality production. If you were to give yourself a midway evaluation, how do you think d'Artagnan played by yourselves is different from the character portrayed by the seniors last time?

Sandeul: I looked up their videos out of curiosity. And someday, I found myself unknowingly copying the scene just as I watched it. Even though I want to say that to some extent, (the performance of the previous actors) do contain the character of d'Artagnan that I think he has, I feel that I was given the role of d'Artagnan not to follow blindly. I dislike moving as though I am a machine, so I decide to discover the character through practice. I am working hard to find the d'Artagnan played by Sandeul - the d'Artagnan that is truly Sandeul.

CNU: This is such a famous production that many people would have an image of d'Artagnan engraved in their minds. A country bumpkin, a bright and innocent teenage? There is such a side to myself too, so I wonder how it would be if I put a part of myself into the character. I tend to ponder hard and serious about everything. I'm trying my best to not stand out, and mix in well. Another interesting point that the d'Artagnan in the novel and musical have very different images. Our senior Kai also had some serious thoughts about this point. d'Artagnan in the novel thinks very strongly of honor and justice, but rather than being bright, he is more serious. I guess this is a problem that I would have to solve.

CNU: In one of the songs, there is a lyric that goes 'I am dizzy from the sky high buildings'. I'm sure Sandeul said the exact same thing then.

Sandeul: The d'Artagnan that I portray is very much similar to myself. Most importantly I was also really amazed to see all the tall buildings when I first came up from Busan to Seoul.

CNU: Every line of lyric in that scene really hit home and reminded myself of my trainee days. Apart from being influenced by his father while in the countryside Gascony, he also says this while in a swordfight: "I will become a really cool person in Paris. I will go to Paris and learn the basics of being a musketeer. d'Artagnan is serious, but also really innocent. He was amazing by all of Paris' buildings but at the same time he made bigger moves so as to not be frightened by it all. I understand that feeling so much. It is also the character of d'Artagnan that I want to portray - innocent, and at the same time positive.

You hummed the whole time when you were having your makeup put on and during the shoot. What is your favourite musical number in this production?

Sandeul: It isn't a song that d'Artagnan sings (alone), but my heart beats really quickly whenever I sing 'We Are One'. When this number starts, I'm supposed to be on my knees after shouting 'Constance! I'll get you out!', but my heart beats so quickly I don't know what to do.

CNU: It's the same number for me. I love it because it reflects the perfect image of the olden day heroes at the end of the first act. In the seniors' words, 'olden day heroes stained by reality'. There used to be a time that they were famous but the musketeers have also become lopsided - they start adapting to reality and lose their difficulties. d'Artagnan is like the catalyst to the musketeers regaining their forgotten sense of justice. It's a beautiful number from a symbolic scene, so I always feel overwhelmed singing it.

Most idol singers feel more nervous, and look forward more to musical stages than concerts.

CNU: I guess they can only feel that way. Every stage comes with nervousness and a sense of responsibility. For idol singers, we are already accustomed to most of the things that we do and hence we do it with composure. But for musicals, we literally go on stage with a beginner's mind - a blank piece of white paper.

Sandeul: Musical stages are really precious to me. That's why I need I feel a sense of responsibility that I need to fill up the stage that I will be standing on. The mindset is always the same - no matter if it's a musical, or B1A4's concert, or my own solo stage. I don't want to be confused. Even though my body feels so tired after I tell myself I should not compromise anything, I still feel that I need to accomplish it.

Was there something special that prompted you feel like you should not compromise?

Sandeul: Rather than a special prompting, I felt like if I compromised the stages I would regret all the stages that I stood out. This is the same for variety programs - I felt that I shouldn't go through it carelessly because there is a need to have a presence in front of the camera and audience. I learnt that from participating in musicals - that you need to have a sense of presence just by standing on stage.

CNU: I am also thankful that while doing musicals, it helped me find the correct mental attitude and regain the things that I forgot. Most importantly, it became the reason that I managed to regain my beginner's mindset.

There is an abundance of singers entering the musical scene, and there are several who have found their footing here. On the other hand, there are also some who have not received good reviews. Do you feel timid in front of your musical seniors?

CNU: It may be my luck, but I've met only nice people who tell me the hard truth if there's something I'm lacking.

Sandeul: They give me advice, and also scold me. If I did something that asks for a scolding, then of course I should be scolded. (Have you ever been scolded harshly?) During my 'Brave Brothers' musical, I was a rookie even as an idol so I did wonder if it was too early for me to be doing a musical. When I was bewildered and could not make head or tail of anything, director Jang Yoojung pointed out my mistakes such as 'that doesn't sound good', 'you can't do it like that', 'you have to break out of yourself'. I felt sullen and scared. But then one day, he called me over and told me very seriously, "you may be a popular idol singer out there. But I don't know you. I don't watch TV. However, we casted you not because the person standing in front of me is idol singer Sandeul, but actor Sandeul. So let's trust in each other and work hard." At that moment, I suddenly felt the confidence that I could do it rise up in me. After that, I worked really hard. If there was anything I was curious about, I would grab the tails of the hyungs and asked them.  I also learnt new things during 'All Shook Up', and thanks to it I managed to do 'Cinderella'. 'The Three Musketeers' feels a little different - I started feeling like I need to work on breaking out of this with my own strength.

CNU: The sincerity of someone treating me not like an idol singer but an actor, the feeling is great. We can't help that there is a bias against us. But I am very thankful that people see us as musical actors, no matter if we do well or not. And that makes me feel a greater sense of responsibility, and makes me think that 'I can't not do well, I have to do this not as B1A4 but as an actor".

Why do you like musicals? Do you like the practicing, or the excitement and anticipation right before going on stage, or the fluttering feelings? Or maybe the feeling of looking at the delight in the faces of the audience when you're on stage? I guess it would also feel great after it all ends.

Sandeul: Before we go on stage, the seniors say "let's trust each other and do well". That sentence makes me feel so good. It's the moment that everyone's hard work becomes one. It's a very charming feeling to feel how the production is completed.

CNU: The time during every show passes by so hectically that I don't actually know how I did. When I finished 'Chess' and the lingering aftertaste went away, I think I felt quite relieved. It was my first ever production so I fell so deeply in it that I don't relieve myself of it for quite a while. It took me some time, but one day I looked back at the days of practice I had and I realized that I did well, and this was probably how the seniors felt too.

I am looking forward to the cute yet different d'Artagnan characters that both of you will portray. CNU has little words but many thoughts, whereas Sandeul seems to have lots of talent and tears.

CNU: I get more talkative when we are close, but I do think a lot about everything. Especially about work matters.

Sandeul: I didn't think so, but I also nearly cried yesterday during a radio broadcast... But how did you know that? (Your eyes are teary) I think I do cry easily about things that others don't tend to be able to be sympathetic about. The things that are important to me are not at my heart, but it is at my liver. Once it is affected, I just start crying. There are times that people wonder what's wrong with me and why was I crying.

We hear that it's been 3 weeks since you've started practicing. 

CNU: On certain days, we spend up to 12 hours practicing. In the mornings, we do fencing. In the afternoons, we sing and act. Synergy is really important for this musical so we all gather and practice together. It's fun. Except for the moments when I feel blank after fencing practice.

What a variety of experiences. You sing, you dance, you do action movies and you do broadcasts.

Sandeul: We've been living like this since we were 20 years old, so to some extent we are used to it. Now, it's more like if I don't do it perfectly, I can't approve of it myself.

CNU: We did a radio broadcast yesterday, and Sandeul even recorded for a TV program. What should I say... the belief that since we started as singers, we shouldn't cut off its root even as we approach our mid-20s? No matter what genre we do, there is a mindset that I need to take responsibility and do everything to the best of my efforts. There are definitely times that I find myself confused. 

Did you look forward to coming up here when you were trainees?

Sandeul: We looked forward to much more when we were trainees.

CNU: At that time, we dreamt dreams as huge as uh, Michael Jackson? Now, we have compromised with reality. haha

Sandeul: I think it is because of our unimaginably huge dreams that we've been able to come this far. This is something that Jinyoung hyung always read. That dreams have to be huge. Only then would we be able to reach up till its edge. Even though we've compromised (with reality), we haven't forgotten our dreams.

CNU: It might just take some time, but someday, it will all come true.

When will we be able to meet B1A4?

CNU: We're in the midst of preparing, and there's been quite a lot of songs made. We have self-esteem as singers, and we're quite pleased with the end results of the songs this time. We sometimes question ourselves if we really wrote those songs ourselves. This sense of achievement makes me work harder at writing songs.

Sandeul: The hyungs have many great songs written. It is to the point that when we listen to them one by one, I have no idea which song should be our title song. It's tough.

In that case, we should be able to meet B1A4 right after 'The Three Musketeers' end.

CNU & Sandeul: If that's the case, we might die!

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SNS/FANCAFE 2016.04.07 01:29

Hello. This is CNU.

Hello. This is CNU. Today, my second show has ended. I prepared for this production enjoyably so I wanted to hurry show it to everyone. I am really pleased and happy that everyone loves the show. I will take good care of my condition and improve continuously for the remaining shows. Please look forward to it, and also cheer on the other actors who are on stage with me.

And there is something else I want to say. On 6 April 2016, Malgeumi has left this world. I feel like I need to let everyone know as soon as possible, because I know how much everyone loved it. Its health had deteriorating since a year ago, and it has been unable to move since a month ago. Everyone in the family was prepared for the worst, and it has now left this world. On the day before my first show, it seemed like it was about to pass away, but luckily it had a last look at me before falling into deep sleep on 6 April. Upon reaching home after my first show, it fell into slumber forever... The thought that it might have held on one extra day just to have a final look at me makes me feel so sad. It's been protecting my family for the past 15 years, since 4 January 2001. My heart hurts, and I feel like my world is collapsing. Thank you for showering it with so much love, even though it was just my pet. I believe that Malgeumi will be happy in Heaven because it received so much more love than any other puppy. I will pull myself together and work hard to complete the rest of the shows well. Thank you for reading this long post.

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MAGAZINE/JAPANESE 2016.01.31 18:26


Q. A happy memory from your childhood?

My parents loved travelling so I remember going on holidays here and there. I don’t remember exactly where I went, but we often drove to the beach. It was fun.


Q. When it’s winter, is there a song you want to listen to or food that you want to eat?

A song that I want to listen to when winter comes is Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You. I love the feeling of excitement during Christmas so I listen to this song all throughout the year. It’s true! I’m not saying this only because there’s still some time before Christmas (at time of interview) but I listen to it even in May! As for food, I want to eat meat dumplings and red bean bun. I like pizza dumplings too but if I could choose, it would be the latter two.


Q. If you were to compare the members to a winter item?

CNU would be a stuffed stocking. It’s plump and he resembled the soft texture. For Sandeul, he’d be a bell – energetic, talkative and noisy (laughs). Baro would be candy. There are those that have a variety of unique tastes right? He’s like those – his charm is that you’ll never know where he’s going to fly to. Gongchan would be a tree – dependable, and he supports the group. And I will be Santa Claus. Because my nickname is Grandpa (laughs).


Q. Is there something you must do when you enter a new year?

Nothing that I MUST do, but I do want to see the first sunrise of a new year, and pray while looking at it. In the past where I lived we couldn’t see the sunrise so I have ever climbed a mountain to see the sunrise. There were times that I watched it on TV too.


Q. A winter date with BANAs! What kind of date do you want to go on?

I want to swim in the piled up snow. But rather than the term ‘to swim’, I guess it would be better to describe it as wanting to move around on top of the snow. There should be someone out there who likes to do such activities right…? (laughs) I want to wear a thick coat, and lie down on the soft snow


Q. You have been standing out as an actor recently. Do you use the experiences and point of views from being an actor as inspirationyou’re your song composition?

I received a lot of influence. I am able to experience someone else’s life through my character – something that I would probably not be able to do even if I lived a normal life. I experience a different way of life, emotions and point of view through the different drama productions so it also feels like a brand new experience for myself. Even though I’ve never written lyrics based on a specific character from my dramas, but there are times that the themes and moods of a composition were relieved from the moments I was acting as someone else.




Q. A happy memory from your childhood?

Hmm~ Perhaps the memory of going travelling with my family. I don’t remember where exactly we went since I was so young, but I do remember that it was really fun.


Q. When it’s winter, is there a song you want to listen to or food that you want to eat?

Ah, I’m listening to a song that is perfect for winter. It’s a track on our single album, ‘Colorful’. Everyone knows that song right? (laugh) When I first heard this song, it gave me winter vibes and I really love it. From now onwards, when it’s winter time please listen to this song often. As for something I want to eat, it would be red bean bun.


Q. If you were to compare the members to a winter item?

Jinyoung would be Christmas. He’s the embodiment of Christmas (laughs). He seems to really like the Christmas atmosphere. Every year this time, he would listen to Christmas carols and hum along to it. Baro would be a pen. He’s good with his words. Even though it’s not a winter item, but it came to mind suddenly (laugh). Gongchan would be a warm jacket. And Sandeul – shoes. (Sandeul: CNU hyung, do you want to wear me?)


Q. Is there something you must do when you enter a new year?

I draw out my plans and goals for the new year. Even though not all of it might work out, but I feel like it’s more important that you worked hard trying to make them happen. Things like changing your bedsheets or cleaning, I don’t really do those. Instead of trying to change something physical, I’d rather work on it internally.


Q. A winter date with BANAs! What kind of date do you want to go on?

Since it’s winter, somewhere like a ski resort? I used to ski when I was young, but recently I’ve started snowboarding. It’s fun too so I do want to be better at it. If we were to have a date in Japan, I’d enjoy a laid-back date to the famous hot springs.


Q. You did a musical in the first half of 2015 – something that even the fans were wishing for. How was it?

I’ve always wanted to do a musical so I was really happy to be able to do ‘Chess’. It was a special experience. I still feel like part of my soul is still there (with the musical). It was a production that makes me think and recall the memories from then, without me knowing. I am really thankful for the Japanese fans who came all the way to Korea to watch the musical. All the actors in the musical were my seniors (other than VIXX’s Ken), and we still keep in touch up until today. We have a group chat on KakaoTalk. If I had a chance, I’d like to be able to take on the musical that Sandeul did before – All Shook Up.



Q. A happy memory from your childhood?

When I was 4~5 years old I had a puppy and its name was Happy. I don’t remember how it got its name but it’s perfect for this question (laughs). I was always happy raising Happy. I really loved it. I have many happy memories with it, like bringing it to my grandmother’s house, playing with it at home, and bringing it for walks.


Q. When it’s winter, is there a song you want to listen to or food that you want to eat?

For food, it would be tangerines! I really love tangerines so it’s definitely something I want to eat when winter comes, and I eat lots of them. It tastes more delicious when you eat it in winter. A song I want to listen to would be ‘White Christmas’.


Q. If you were to compare the members to a winter item?

Gongchan would be like mittens, and CNU hyung a muffler. Baro would be either shoes or boots, and Jinyoung hyung earmuffs. I depend the most on the members, and they are people I would entrust my body too so I tried comparing them to the different kinds of clothes I wear.


Q. Is there something you must do when you enter a new year?

I would plan out my year. Even though the plans are meant for me to achieve a new goal in the new year, there are times that they don’t really work out that well (laughs). Even so, I think the feeling of planning out what you will do is quite important so I always do it.


Q. A winter date with BANAs! What kind of date do you want to go on?

I want to go to Hokkaido, where we shot our White Miracle music video. During our free time we went skiing and snowboarding, and it was so pretty and fun so I want to show that to our BANAs too. I really like snowboarding so I own my own set of snowboarding equipment. For those who can’t snowboard, I’ll learn you so let’s enjoy it together! I started snowboarding when I was in middle school, and I prefer it over skiing. I started it because it looked cool, but right now I’ve fallen into it simply because it’s fun.


Q. Last year your singing skills on Masked Singer made headlines. How was it to appear on the show?

I thought I would not be nervous at all since I would be singing behind a mask, but the moment I started thinking that “since the fans do not know I’m on the show I would really have to win only with my voice” I started getting nervous… But still, when I went on stage I started enjoying it. I am really thankful for the positive reactions. Since I was very concerned about how I would do with just my voice, I was very happy to receive good reactions. I also felt that I had to practice now in order to show everyone a better stage and side of myself.



Q. A happy memory from your childhood?

From my childhood… Hmm… There was once I did a play, and my parents complimented me on the good work after they watched it. I was really happy to receive a compliment for something I worked hard at. It was during my elementary school days so I totally can’t remember what role I played (laughs).


Q. When it’s winter, is there a song you want to listen to or food that you want to eat?

Of course it’s Mariah Carey! After Christmas, everyone should listen to our songs (laughs). For food, it would be roasted sweet potatoes.


Q. If you were to compare the members to a winter item?

For Sandeul, he would be Christmas stockings. (Sandeul: Why does everyone want to put me on and step on me? (laughs)) CNU hyung would be a Christmas tree, Jinyoung hyung an orgel and Gongchan a sled. I described all of them based on their images (laughs).


Q. Is there something you must do when you enter a new year?

Come to think of it, there’s nothing I do in particular (laughs) But still, I would spend it with the members if we have a schedule, and in the past I’d spend it with my friend. I’ve never had to be alone.


Q. A winter date with BANAs! What kind of date do you want to go on?

I want to go to Waikiki in Hawaii. Since it’s so cold in winter I want to spend time in a warm place. Wearing swimsuits and playing with a beach ball, playing games and eating delicious foods when we are hungry. They are famous for their shrimp dishes so it’ll be nice to sip on cocktails while eating garlic shrimp.


Q. You’ve been on various dramas and variety shows. Is there any production or variety programs you would like to appear on in 2016?

It was fun to have been able to appear on various variety programs last year. Even though it was a pity that I had to leave the show due to our world tour, there were interesting concepts such as gifting grandparents living in the villages a robot. I want to go on Youth Over Flowers again. That time I went on the trip with the Reply 1994 actors but this time I want to go with our B1A4 members. Anywhere is fine, but it’ll be great if it was a country we’ve never been to before.



Q. A happy memory from your childhood?

I think I was about 6 years old. We all went to play at the beach - my family, my grandmother and my grandfather. I don’t remember what we did exactly, but it was really fun.


Q. When it’s winter, is there a song you want to listen to or food that you want to eat?

Up until Christmas time, I love to listen to Jingle Bell. When Christmas is over, I listen to B1A4’s Lonely (laughs). As for something I want to eat, it would be a Korean dish called loach soup. It contains lots of vitamins so it’s really good for your body!


Q. If you were to compare the members to a winter item?

Sandeul hyung would be a handwarmer. There are various kinds of handwarmers – the kind that gets hot from shaking, and the kind that gets hot from being pressed on. Sandeul hyung makes people feel warm through various methods fitting for that person. Jinyoung hyung would be tea. Gentle and cautious. He is like a warm cup of tea in the way he is considerate of others. Baro hyung would be a heater. He’s bright in different levels to different people, and is able to warm up a place immediately. CNU hyung would be a water heater, but one that takes some time to heat the water up (laughs). When you shower during winter, the water that comes out first is cold, and then it gradually gets warm. CNU hyung is just like that. He is shy of strangers at first, but as time passes and the relationship gets deeper you get to learn of his gentle personality.


Q. Is there something you must do when you enter a new year?

I will think of all the things I did in the past year, and reflect on how I can improve on those in the following year.


Q. A winter date with BANAs! What kind of date do you want to go on?

Hokkaido! I want to do winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding together. And walk in the snow-filled streets. If our BANAs do not fancy skiing or snowboarding, then there’s no choice, I’ll just have to give that up. If we don’t do anything else, we shall go to a café, drink a warm cup of coffee while chatting.


Q. You received good reviews for your first acting challenge in “Delicious Love”. How was filming like?

It was refreshing to play a chef, and also amazing that I was able to work with 3 different female leads all in one production. I was able to experience different emotions with the setting of my character dating someone older, younger and of the same age. The drama was set in Jeju Island, and the role was related to cooking – similar to Jinyoung hyung’s character in the drama ‘Warm and Cozy’, so he was able to give me some advice.

Source: blog.naver.com/bforbarolight

Japanese to Korean Translation Credits: bippo.tistory.com/1

Korean to English Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

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MAGAZINE/JAPANESE 2015.12.31 17:26

Q. You're releasing your new single Happy Days after a break of 10 months. What was your first impression of this song composed and written by leader Jinyoung?

CNU: As the title goes, I felt really happy.

Baro: We all felt the same when we first heard this song. I think everyone will understand when you listen to the song.

Q. It's a positive song befitting B1A4. The lyrics goes "If you're here, I'm happy everyday". Reading the lyrics, it does sound like you're talking about the relationship between yourselves and the fans.

Jinyoung: Yes you're here. Whenever I write lyrics, I end up writing up as I think of the fans. I think it will be nice if the fans are able to put themselves into the lyrics.

Baro: Whenever Jinyoung hyung composes, he does think about the fans.

Q. You had fansigns in both Tokyo and Osaka right?

Jinyoung: It was great to meet the Japanese fans after a long time through the album release event. This time it was a fansign so we could see everyone's faces up close and it was a great time.

CNU: We could feel how all the fans were so excited so it was a great feeling for us too. Many of them thanked us for coming to Japan. I am so thankful that everyone appreciates the time spent with us during such events.

Gongchan: The fans have telling me that I've grown up to be an adult now. But I think I'm still quite young!^^

Baro: You're no longer 17? ㅋㅋ Time passes really quickly. Sandeul and I are both 24, and Jinyoung hyung and CNU hyung are 25. Next year they are going to be 26 years old!

Sandeul: Kyaa~~!!

Jinyoung: 56 years old?

Gongchan: No! That's really a grandfather....

CNU: (laughs)

Q. On the day Happy Days was released, it was Jinyoung's birthday. Did the members celebrate your birthday?

Baro: Of course. We all celebrated it with him! The watch he's wearing now is a gift from us.

Jinyoung: He's saying it so seriously so you might be fooled... But it's a lie. I bought it myself...ㅠㅠㅋㅋ

CNU: (laughs) There's something that we prepared for Jinyoung, but because it's meant to be a surprise we have yet to give it to him.

Jinyoung: On my birthday the members carried a cake in and threw me a surprise party in my work room. I was surprised, and thankful.

Gongchan: We always prepare for a surprise party with cake and presents on the members' birthday. But since we're doing it every year it's no longer a surprise. Everyone's not even surprised anymore...

Q. When do you feel happy? Tell us about one happy occasion recently.

CNU: The most recent happy occasions were during the Happy Days album release event. The time spent with fans is when I'm happiest , and because of the fans I have strength.

Baro: For me I'm also the happiest when I'm with the fans, but out of them all, it would be at our concert. That's why I'm looking forward to our concert tour.

Jinyoung: Personally, I am the happiest when I get to watch a movie in the cinema. I prefer watching movies in the cinema, rather than at home on the TV. Ever since young I loved that special atmosphere and smell of the cinema, and there are many good memories. Recently I watched 007.

Gongchan: I was really happy while preparing for Jinyoung hyung's surprise party. The thoughts of how I could make the birthday boy happy, and how I would surprise him even more were really enjoyable. There are many other times that I planned the other members' birthday surprises too.

Sandeul: I'm happy when I'm with the members. We've been together for so long and we know each other well. Even when we are on tour overseas, it's enjoyable as though we are on a holiday overseas.

Gongchan: Earlier when we came over in the car, we sat in pairs and Sandeul hyung sat alone in the backseat. Why did you do so?

Sandeul: I was happy to be sitting alone but with everyone around me, we don't have to be stuck hip to hip.

Q. You have live shows on 23 and 25 December in Japan.

Jinyoung: I can't tell you the exact details but we definitely want to express the fluttering emotions special to Christmas. I love Christmas, and hope to experience those fluttering emotions with our BANAs on the 23 and 25 December.

Q. Any memorable Christmas gifts you've gotten?

Jinyoung: A bus toy that I received from Santa Claus when I was young!

Gongchan: I guess it's the toy blocks that I received from my parents when I was young. When my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas when I was young, Santa Claus always delivered that to me ><

Baro: Your parents are the Santa Clauses then. I have ever seen my parents put my present under my pillow. From then on, I never believed in Santa Claus.

CNU: In my family, they did not even tell me about Santa Claus until recently. When I woke up, there were no presents, and I have never received a Christmas present before. I never actively celebrated Christmas.

Sandeul: I received a bunch of vouchers, and with them I played games and watched movies on the Internet. I believe in Santa Claus!

Q. Next January onwards, you will be starting your nation-wide B1A4 JAPAN TOUR 2016~ THE WORLD OF B1A4.

Jinyoung: We've thought of a general concept, and are preparing hard to spend an enjoyable time with the fans.

Gongchan: For events, we usually only go to Tokyo and Osaka. But through this nationwide tour we will be able to go to many cities that we've never been to before so I'm looking forward to it.

CNU: It's a Japan tour after a long time so I'm anticipating it!

Q. You just got back from Mexico and Puerto Rico for your world tour. How was it? 

Baro: They were countries that we were going for the first time ever so we were anxious. But the fans cheered really loudly for us so I was happy.

CNU: In Mexico, they speak Spanish. Baro learned Spanish beforehand, and he spoke really well in Mexico~ I was really happy too, that the fans cheered really loudly.

Q. You were busy all around the world this year - how was 2015?

Jinyoung: We released an album in Korea after 1 year and 1 month, and we were really happy to be able to promote that. Being able to meet fans from many different countries through our world tour was great too. Personally though, it was a very normal year

CNU: That's right. Even though we made a comeback, I wished we could have promoted for a longer period. Next year, I want to promote more, and have more live shows.

Baro: This year there were quite little promotions as B1A4 as a whole, so next year I hope to be more active as a group.

Gongchan: I experienced many new things this year through variety shows and filming a drama, and met many more fans overseas through our world tour. I'm looking forward to how 2016 is going to be.

Sandeul: It'll be our 5th year of debut in 2016. They say that it is a point whereby you start thinking about which direction you want to move on towards. If such thoughts come to my mind, I want to be able to share them with the members and solve all these troubles together.

Q. Are there any promotional activities in particular you want to do in Japan in 2016?

CNU: We want to release many albums, and hold numerous live concerts next year.

Q. Lastly, a message to your fans!

CNU: I am always thankful to everyone. Recently there hasn't been much opportunities for us to meet, but the album release events, Christmas live and nationwide tours have been decided so please look forward to those! I hope that we will be able to spend more time together.

Sandeul: Up until now, we've been working hard to show everyone numerous sides of us. We will continue to work hard to be active in different genres in 2016. Please continue to cheer us on!

Baro: I think I want to do more live concerts in future. Please continue to cheer us on, we will go to different countries that we have not been to.

Gongchan: With this single album's promotional events and nationwide tour, we will be able to meet everyone for a long time so I'm happy. We will continue to work hard to create chances for us to meet like that.

Jinyoung: As the members said, we will be having many events in Japan, and are preparing for our comeback in Korea. We want to let everyone listen to more of our music so please look forward to it.


Q. I enjoy doing OO the most.

A. Watching a movie. Recently I haven't been able to watch movies often, but like I mentioned in the group interview, I like watching movies in the cinema. When I can't go to the cinemas, I watch movies at home. Right now the movie I most want to recommend is 007. It's very thrilling.

Q. I am happiest doing OO.

A. When I receive compliments. I think it is the same for anybody. Anyone would be happy to be acknowledged for the things you do or make. I was happiest recently to hear everyone say how they liked 'Happy Days'.

Q. Recently I've fallen into doing OO.

A. Composing. I keep falling into composing because I'm always doing it. I am constantly making new music. The moment I think "I want to make a new song", I will do so immediately. I think that's a good thing.

Q. I get angry when I can't do OO.

A. When I can't eat. I'm the kind who gets worn thinner if I don't get to eat (laughs). I'm eating to maintain my emotions. If I don't get to eat because I'm a little busy or I miss the time to eat, I get sensitive.

Q. Amongst Japanese food, I eat OO well but I can't eat OO.

A. I like all Japanese food. There are many things that I haven't tried before, but up until now there hasn't been any Japanese food that I couldn't eat. If I can eat natto, I think I will be able to eat everything else (laughs). My favourite would be sushi. Fatty tuna belly is the best!

Q, The one thing I want the most now.

A. Time to go on a holiday. I love travelling but there hasn't been time for that recently. If I have time, I want to go to Europe.

Q. To Jinyoung, BANAs are like OO.

A. Source of energy. Whenever I'm tired or troubled, the moment I stand on stage and hear the fans' cheers I get lots of energy. 


Baro - Humour, originality, makes a mess quickly. He doesn't do it on purpose but there are times he makes people laugh. And if you talk about Jinyoung hyung, song composition is part of his image. And he can't be neat (laughs).

CNU - Genius, honest, strangely cute. Genius refers to his ability to make music. He makes songs with a different feel from other people. Jinyoung doesn't lie. And when he loses his belongings ever so often, there is a cute side to him.

Gongchan - Positivity, ability to make his fringe not move, caring. He is the essence of positivity. And his fringe is so stiff it never moves (laughs). It's amazing. Even though he looks very cold from his outer appearance, he is actually a very caring hyung.

Sandeul - Jokes around, god of concentration, warmth. Just like before, Jinyoung hyung is very warm so even when we play jokes on him he just laughs it off. His concentration is really good when he's making something or composing a song. Times like those, we try to be as quiet as possible so as to not disturb him. 


Q. I enjoy doing OO the most.

A. Singing on stage. No matter what troubles I am facing, when I go up on stage they all disappear. I think it might be the only way for me to solve my troubles. We're having our Japan tour starting from January so I'm looking forward to that~

Q. I am happiest doing OO.

A. Hug (someone). No matter where I am, I get calm from skinship. That's why I hold the members' hands. There are also times that I hug them.

Q. Recently I've fallen into doing OO.

A. Furniture. Right now we're all living together, but I love the time I spend imagining how I would place the furniture in future when I live alone. When I live alone, I will probably fall asleep watching TV in the living room, so I wonder if I should put a sofa or not. It gets me fluttered thinking about such things.

Q. I get angry when I can't do OO.

A. I get angry when I get shocked. I hate it the most. I hate getting pranked on suddenly, in a calm situation. There are many members that I prank the members, but recently Gongchan has been pranked a lot by Sandeul.

Q. Amongst Japanese food, I eat OO well but I can't eat OO.

A. Ramen, sushi, egg rolls, I like all Japanese food. It's a pity that despite growing up near the sea, Gongchan can't eat sushi!

Q. The one thing I want the most now.

A. Work. I want to get busier. Not only just B1A4 promotions, but musicals for myself. I also want to make an album that would be able to show off my own musical color.

Q. To CNU, BANAs are like OO.

A. Oxygen. Something that I can't live without. It is something I cannot do without, and something that is always by my side.


Baro - Consideration, speed, soul. He is always thinking about the people around him. Even when we go and eat barbeque together, he puts himself last and grills the meat for us instead. And his speed of doing things is so slow. (laughs) As for soul, it is because CNU hyung likes both hip-hop and R&B. When he dances, you can feel the 'soul' vibe in him.

Jinyoung - Shoulders, relaxed, smiling face. Firstly, CNU has broad shoulders. And he does thing slowly, even during programs like ISAC. To put it nicely, I'd say that he's very relaxed~ It's both an advantage and disadvantage, I think. And if you look at CNU, you would know what's a face that has a constant smile right^^?

Gongchan - Shoulders, calm, smiling face. CNU has a very magnanimious image. His broad shoulders makes me want to be hugged. (laughs) He's always smiling so I feel better when I am with him.

Sandeul - Lots of aegyo, trustable, noisy. He's always making people laugh, and if we're all together he talks a lot and is a very trustable presence. There's no reason to hate him once you get to know him.


Q. I enjoy doing OO the most.

A. When I'm free, on our off days. Our recent LA holiday was really fun. We enjoyed US thoroughly during our world tour this time, and got to go to Mexico for the first time ever.

Q. I am happiest doing OO.

A. Getting complimented. There aren't many things that I get complimented for, so if I receive one I am really happy. Recently we were recording, and Jinyoung hyung said "as expected, you're good at rap". And that the clothes I bought were nice. I was really happy. 

Q. Recently I've fallen into doing OO.

A. Lego. I wanted to have a hobby, so I bought Lego and started building blocks. It was really fun. There are some models that are adult-oriented, where you can put batteries in and make it move. I made the truck from that series.

Q. I get angry when I can't do OO.

A. When things are not working out the way I want it to. Since we're always working, there are times that it doesn't work out the way I want it to. Other things are fine, but when it comes to work matters, I have to show sides of myself that I don't want to show others when things just don't work out.

Q. Amongst Japanese food, I eat OO well but I can't eat OO.

A. I like ramen the best, and there is nothing I can't eat. There is nothing in particular that I can't eat well but I don't like sour foods.

Q. The one thing I want the most now.

A. Time to sleep. If time allows, I want to sleep for like 3 days.

Q. To Baro, BANAs are like OO.

A. Friends. We are always good friends.


Jinyoung - Cap, humour, blood type B. He has a hobby of collecting caps so there are lots of them in his rooms. He always makes the members laugh. Other than him, the other members are all of blood type A and many times I think, "Ah, people with blood type B are really different from us". He is really fast at deciding what he wants to eat (laughs).

CNU - Sense, tears, muscles. He has the sense to handle most emergency situations. Even though he has a energetic image, Baro is quite the crybaby. He cries when he's touched, sad or even happy. And if you talk about Baro, it's definitely his muscles.

Gongchan - Battery, muscle, hair on the side of his head. When he's fully charged he's energetic, but when he's out of battery he needs charging by sleeping. He likes caps so he's often wearing them. According to him, if you have hair on the side of your head, it doesn't look good (when you wear a cap) so he had it all shaved off. Also, Baro hyung has muscles. It's fine even if he eats a lot. Me? I'm preparing (my muscles) right now too. (laughs)

Sandeul - Great sense, friend, many facets to him. I'm friends with him. Even though Baro says I'm like a puzzle, he is someone with so many facets to him that there are also times I do not understand him.


Q. I enjoy doing OO the most.

A. When we are doing Nico Nico broadcast. There are many good memories as the live broadcasts are always really fun. Previously we made a BANA song on the spot, and we had never played the games before.

Q. I am happiest doing OO.

A. Hearing huge cheers. That is how I feel being on stage. When I stand on stage and listen to the cheers, I feel like so amazing. Of course, there is a huge amount of preparation needed before going up on stage, and the nerves that comes with it. But I think that's all part of growing up. The cheers that everyone sends us is really the greatest source of strength for me.

Q. Recently I've fallen into doing OO.

A. Watches, things I can ride, and things I can eat. I recently bought a new watch, and I like it so much I wear it to sleep. Not only cars and planes, I like everything that I can ride, so long it takes me somewhere faster than if I walked.

Q. I get angry when I can't do OO.

A. When my food is taken away. I get so angry. Should I call it getting 'taken away'... For example, I offer to share my food with someone but I resent that person at the same time.. (ㅠㅠㅎ) It is not okay to skip your meals!

Q. Amongst Japanese food, I eat OO well but I can't eat OO.

A. There's nothing I can't eat. I like all the Japanese foods I've tried so far!

Q. The one thing I want the most now.

A. The biggest wish I have now is to have a concert. I love meeting everyone at events (i.e fansigns, hi-5 sessions etc) but my favourite is definitely during a concert, to show everyone songs and performances.

Q. To Sandeul, BANAs are like OO.

A. Flowers. When I look at everyone during a concert, it's like a field of flowers. So pretty.


Baro - Puzzle, hunger, vocal cords. Sometimes I have no idea what he is talking about. (laughs) Suddenly he talks about something different from the topic at hand - it's like he is in a world of his own. And he is always hungry, and always vocalizing himself well. Please stop singing loudly in the car when everyone is tired after a long day at work! (laughs)

CNU - Warm heart, manly, considerate. Sandeul is a really nice person, and treats the hyungs well. There are times that he is way too affectionate too. When we are together, he is manly in the way he makes a decision immediately without thinking too much.

Gongchan - Energetic, cheerful, loud shrieking. It's always a joy to be with him. There are times that he makes weird sounds when we are bored or stuck in the car for long periods of time. On top of that, he's loud too so there are occasions that the fans tell him off. (laughs)

Jinyoung - Bright, affectionate, food. I think this is how everyone sees Sandeul. His brightness is not made up but something right from within himself. And he's really innocent. Talking about food, it's definitely Sandeul. He loves eating.


Q. I enjoy doing OO the most.

A. When I'm playing games. There's a corner on V App where I play games with the fans. When I practice playing the games to get used to them before the broadcast, the members take turns to play with me and it's really enjoyable.

Q. I am happiest doing OO.

A. Being loved. This is the same for everyone, I think. I am happy to be receiving love from the fans, and the members.

Q. Recently I've fallen into doing OO.

A. Watching dramas. I'm embarrassed whenever I watch the drama I filmed. For the filming, I researched by watching the films and dramas of different actors. I love romcom so I enjoyed watching 'She Was Pretty'. Next I want to watch the Japanese drama 'From 5 to 9'. As for acting, I want to try doing action.

Q. I get angry when I can't do OO.

A. When no one wants to play with me. This is the opposite of being loved. I hope that people will open up to me, but when they don't want to play with me I become upset.

Q. Amongst Japanese food, I eat OO well but I can't eat OO.

A. I love yakitori, but I can't eat sushi. I'm fine with sashimi, but I'm not good at eating it together with rice and wasabi. I want to eat them separately~ I always eat yakitori when I go to Japan.

Q. The one thing I want the most now.

A. Time to go travel. My hometown is in Suncheon, and every year during the long holidays I go home but this year I didn't manage to do so. When I go home, I usually meet friends or hang out with family. I really wish to go back to my hometown and rest. 

Q. To Sandeul, BANAs are like OO.

A. Moisturizing cream. I have dry skin type so I cannot do withoutmoisturizer. I always carry it along with me, I cannot do without it and it makes me feel good so I think it's quite like our fans.


Baro - Pretty boy, ruggedness, cuteness. As you can see, he's a pretty boy, with both handsomeness and cuteness. He is super competitive, and is good at games. Even though he has quite a cold image, he is really kind.

CNU - Maturity, ruggedness, body. He's the youngest but he's grown so fast to be an adult. I think he's really smart, if he had continued studying he would have been able to get accepted into a good university. He used to be really skinny but now he's got muscles all over. Maybe that's why he feels like an adult.

Sandeul - Puppy, objective, thoughtful. He's cute like a puppy. And then he's so cool even in the eyes of a fellow man. On top of that he's objective yet thoughtful!...

Jinyoung - Ruggedness, pretty boy, tears. He thinks hard and calculates everything before making his move. And everyone already knows how much of a pretty boy he is. Gongchan is a cry-baby. He cried upon seeing his parents whom he hadn't met in a long time.

Source: mint-sandeul.tistory.com

Japanese to Korean Translation Credits: mint-sandeul.tistory.com

Korean to English Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

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151230 2015 WM NEWSLETTER

MAGAZINE/KOREAN 2015.12.31 00:07


How was your 2015? I think it's fortunate that we spent 2015 well, without any major incidents. However, I do think that it would have been better if we had spent it not feeling as pressured as we did. Even if there are tough times, a positive mindset will definitely get you through those times. In the new year, I want to expand my musical horizons, and make more chances for us to meet with the fans. I will work hard every moment of 2016 to make it a better year than this year!

If you could go back in time and spend a day with a historical figurine, who would it be? Beethoven. I want to learn music composition from him, and see how he composes during the day that we spend together.

The first thing you do when you wake up? I eat my vitamins. Recently I've been thinking about my health (laughs) I've been eating my vitamins well without forgetting about them.


You'll be in your sixth year of debut next year. How was 2015? I think 2015 was a stepping stone for what I have to face in future, because I learnt how to deal with whatever I faced one step at a time. There were many things that may have been regretful, but I don't want to live thinking and regretting events that have pasted. I want to challenge many other things with the mindset that if I try my best, nothing is impossible. Hmm... Actually there are many things that we challenge in our everyday life, but because we are unaware of that we do not treat them as challenges and let them just pass by. I want to attempt and challenge meaningful things that make my heart beat in future.

A habit, or jinx that you have? I used to have a lot of those, but they disappeared when I debuted. Instead, I learnt that I needed to prepare thoroughly before going up on stage so that I won't make mistakes on stage.

When do you feel that B1A4's teamwork is great? When B1A4 is all together? Teamwork is from the unity of that team, from the closeness of the team. There's that feeling from when B1A4 is all together, and I love that feeling so much. It's hard to explain it in words but when I feel that we're actually looking out and are being considerate to each other? It's those times that I feel our teamwork is great.


When were you the most touched by fans? I think the slogan event during the concert touched me. I felt a great deal of energy that cannot be expressed in words. I could imagine the process of the fans deciding on a timing to lift up the slogans, preparing for it and then waiting to lift it up. Their hearts are so kind. I think I was even more touched because of that.

An episode from when you guys are living together recently Our dorm is not always noisy. When we have separate schedules, there is barely any time that all five of us are back at home together. Not long ago, one of us was watching a VOD movie. One by one we started gathering, and all five of us ended up watching a midnight movie. It was nice then, to watch a movie altogether in a long while.

You have been going non-stop in 2015 - what kind of year was it? I think it was a happy year for me. We received so much excessive love, and there were many new opportunities for me to experience new things so I am really thankful. It's a pity that we weren't able to promote more and release more albums to gift the fans with more music, and not being able to visit more countries to greet the fans living faraway. But our Sweet Girl album was made with lots of affection and hard work so I'm proud of it, and happy that the fans like it. I want to research more about music, and let everyone listen to more great songs while enjoying it myself too. 2015 was a year for me where I learnt that if I'm working hard on the things I'm doing with a happy mindset, the people around me will be happy too. We will end this year well, and next time I want to be able to go to more countries to make great memories for our fans, and let everyone listen to even more mature music made by B1A4. Please always watch us, and cheer us on! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fighting!


How was your 2015? I wanted to promote more this time, but it was a pity we couldn't do so. I want to make sure that in 2016, we promote more, and be able to show our fans a new look to us. 2015 is almost gone, and B1A4 is in our fifth year since debut. I feel that B1A4 needs to advance on further, as we stick closer to each other while believing and depending on each other. In the future, it is definitely important that we try new things that we have never done before in the past, but I also want to make sure that I'm improving in the things that I've been doing so far and I am good at doing. To not be dazzled and blindly follow the fancy things right in front of me, but to improve myself to be someone of great depth.

The member who cooks the best recently? Me! I'm most confident of my ddeokbokki, but I've been making braised spicy chicken recently! The point of CNU's braised spicy chicken is the cleaning of the chicken skin so that it absorbs all the seasoning well.

What did you save the members' contacts as in your phone? Jinyoung - Jinyoungie. Sandeul - Lee Sandeul. Baro - Cha Sunwoo Baro Squirrel. Gongchan - Ddonggae [T/N: Literally mixed-breed puppy, but an affectionate term usually used by grandparents to call their grandchildren.]


How do you feel about 2015? It was a year where I experienced and challenged new things. It was a year where I feel that we did not manage to show enough stages and release enough music for the fans. This year, I learnt that there is nothing that I can do alone. I felt like there definitely needs to be someone with me or helping me, so I learnt that I need to always be thankful to the people around me, and that I cannot forget to be thankful to them. I want to become someone who would be of a 'healing' existence, and be a source of strength to people.

Where do you want to go to for a holiday? Recently I've been wanting to go to Hawaii. The weather is great, it's carefree and the scenery looks great. I want to spend a 'healing' holiday by resting by the beach and just swimming.

The one thing you must have in your bag? Moisturizing products. (laughs) I always carry moisturizing products such as lipbalm and Vaseline.

Everything about B1A4! Manager's One Question One Answer! (by Woo-beu)

1. B1A4 1) has gotten more mature. 2) are still kids. (2)

2. B1A4 are like 1) timid cats. 2) beagle puppies. (2)

3. Which would you choose - 1) CNU's Seoul or 2) Jinyoung's 사랑 그땐? (2)

4. Sometimes I miss the newly-debuted B1A4. (O)

5. The members buy delicious food for the staff often. (O)

6. There are times that I want to avoid and run away from the members. (O)

7. Which B1A4 member follows the managers well? (Sandeul (?))

8. Which member do you want to make him experience the life of a manager for a day? (Jinyoung)

9. Which member would you have treated well if he was your junior in army? (Baro)

10. Your favourite B1A4 song? (This Time is Over)

11. Your first impression of the members? (Kind and good-looking younger brothers..)

12. I find the members the most handsome when (they are jumping around like crazy on stage).

13. I find the members the prettiest when (they tell me 'you've worked hard' or 'please get home safely~' after a day at work).

14. I worry for (a few of) the members when they (mess up the house, lose their stuff, eat too much and wear weird clothes out).

15. The sides of B1A4 that the fans are not aware of

    • Jinyoung (is still losing his things continuously up until today).
    • CNU (is faster than you'd expect. In an urgent and busy situation, he is faster and quicker than anyone else. He even runs!!)
    • Baro (has built-in batteries. When he is fully charged, his energy is sky-high and uncontrollable. But! When he's out of battery, he keeps sleeping..)
    • Sandeul (doesn't last long no matter what he buys! Or what he does!.. But! He will sing forever..)
    • Gongchan (is the master of second-hand transactions!! And an early-adapter, pro-gamer).

Source: 2015 WM Newsletter (http://wment.co.kr/wmzine/wmnewsletter.pdf)

Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

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'MAGAZINE > KOREAN' 카테고리의 다른 글

160428 IZE MAGAZINE MAY 2016  (1) 2016.04.28
160408 SCENE PLAYBILL ISSUE 30  (0) 2016.04.08
151230 2015 WM NEWSLETTER  (0) 2015.12.31
150924 STAR1 MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2015  (0) 2015.09.24
150921 VOGUE GIRL KOREA OCTOBER 2015  (0) 2015.09.21
150618 SINGLES MAGAZINE JULY 2015  (0) 2015.06.18


MAGAZINE/JAPANESE 2015.12.15 23:36

You're releasing your 6th single 'Happy Days' after 10 months, and on leader Jinyoung's birthday at that. How did you spend your birthday this year? 

Jinyoung: I shut myself in in the producing room and was composing songs alone. Suddenly the members came in with a surprise cake and congratulated me on my birthday. They have been surprising me for the past few years so I gave up, thinking that there wouldn't be a surprise this year.

Baro: That's the key point (laughs).

Jinyoung: Which is why I was the happiest I was in the past few years.

CNU: It paid off to gather and plan amongst ourselves without letting him find out.

The surprise was a huge success then. 'Happy Days' is an original Japanese song composed and written by Jinyoung, right?

Jinyoung: Yes. I made the song hoping that everyone who listens to it will become happy, and I had a very positive mindset writing it so that everyone will get through even the toughest times.

Sandeul: It is a very bright song as well, so I think the atmosphere when we perform it live will be great.

What is the main point of the 'Happy Days' music video?

Gongchan: For example, being blown off by a gust of wind, and holding a present and running with all our might. There are many scenes in the music video that show the positive sides of us so please enjoy watching it.

'Drive' was composed by CNU, and co-written by both CNU and Baro. How was the song completed?

CNU: The melody came to mind when I was driving along the seaside in Jeju Island during a 2 day 1 night family vacation, so that provided the base of the song.

Baro: The melody was really refreshing so I wrote my lyrics to fit the melody.

CNU: I feel like it's a song that makes your mood better if you listen to it while driving.

In the lyrics of 'Happy Days' there is a line that goes "love me, love me". What is one thing that the members have been "love me, love me" about recently?

Sandeul: Going to the Han River. I like riding, so I go to the Han River to either in-line skate or cycle. I also like to look at scenery, so I feel at ease even just sitting on a bench and looking at the night view.

Gongchan: Taking photos. I take photos of gorgeous sceneries, and the members.

How about Jinyoung?

Jinyoung: Watching movies in the movie theatre.

Do you learn from them?

Jinyoung: Of course it helps in my acting, but it's because I used to go to the theatres often with my family when I was young. It makes my heart flutter when I go to the theatres and remember those days.

How about Baro?

CNU: (interrupting Baro) Spanish.

Baro: We will be going to Mexico and South America for our world tour, so if I started taking up Spanish now I'd be able to familiarize myself bettwe when we go there. And now that I'm getting into the hang of things, memorizing vocabulary becomes more fun.

CNU: Try introducing yourself in Spanish!

Baro: Mucho Gusto (Nice to meet you). Yo soy Baro (I am Baro).

All: Oooooooo!

Baro: Now that we are going to Spain, I want to be able to speak more fluently!

CNU: For me, it's furniture. Right now we are all living together, but I love looking at different furniture and imagining how I would decorate my house in future when I live alone.

Your dream room?

CNU: A comfortable one would be nice.

Gongchan: You can't live alone before this. (in Japanese) Only in 100 years' time!

All: (laughs).

In 'Happy Days' there are lyrics that go "Even if you don't look back, even if my wish isn't realized". How would you act to someone who doesn't even give you a second thought?

Baro: I will work hard till the end!

Jinyoung: I will act coolly so that the other party will notice me and turn around.

Sandeul: I'm quite shy so I will wait quietly until shde looks back at me.

CNU: I too will wait, but also make sure that the other person is aware of my feelings.

Gongchan: I will try my best too but if she still doesn't look back then bye bye!

All: (laughs)

So only Gongchan wouldn't wait.

CNU: He's a cool guy.

Gongchan: Yes I'm a cool guy so I won't be able to wait forever.

There is a line of lyrics that go "I'll wait till you come" in 'Drive'. How long will you wait for someone who is late to an appointment with you? And has there been any occasions you made someone wait for you? 

Gongchan: I am never late if the other party decides the time, but I'm always late if I'm the one deciding the time to meet.


Gongchan: Because I have the upper hand (laughs).

CNU: As expected he's such a cool guy!

Jinyoung: I don't think that's being cool. That's being stubborn. (laughs)

Gongchan: No, I'm a cool guy!

What if you get to the meeting place and the other party has left?

Gongchan: Then it's bye bye (laughs).

CNU: As expected, cool guy.

How about you Baro?

Baro: I'm almost never late. I tend to arrive 30 minutes early. I have actually waited that long for my friends (bitter smile).

Sandeul: For me, I would wait a maximum of 1 hour. After that 1 hour, I will take a picture of my fist and send it to the other person naturally as a warning (laughs).

Gongchan: Scary~

Jinyoung: I'm neither late or early, usually right on time. As for if the other party is late,  I'll be able to wait for as long as till they arrive, so long they let me know. You know that flustered feeling when you are late? I know that feeling so I will tell the other party to take their time to come.

Sandeul: So nice of you~

Other than Gongchan (laughs). How about you CNU?

CNU: I'll wait one year.


CNU: My heart would like to. Personally I tend to run late. I've made my friends wait 2~3 hours for me. But those friends now know that I'll be late so they would push forward the meeting time so that they don't have to wait that long.

What an understanding friend.

CNU: Recently I have been trying to be as early as possible.

In the lyrics of 'Happy Days' there is a line that goes "Even through your casual remarks your kindness flows through". Are there any memorable things said casually to you by either the members, family, friends or fans but made an impression on you?

CNU: We had a picnic event with the fans in Korea. I said to the fans that I'm worried about how we have to do our next album promotions, and one of them said to me, "Don't be nervous, it's alright. Right now you are working hard too". Upon hearing that all my worries just disappeared. Up until now I can't forget what they said, and am very thankful.

Gongchan: A senior I know said "No matter what comes your way, it is important to enjoy it all". Even when times are tough I've learnt that if I enjoy it, I will feel much better.

Sandeul; I was told by a musical senior that "if you trust each other it will be fine". Honestly I am always worried up even until the moment I stand on stage for a musical but when I heard that my fears disappeared. Even for B1A4 stages, I learnt that it would be alright if I trusted the other members, in turn gaining confidence.

Jinyoung: I remember when I went home after a fight with a friend fearing that my father would be angry. But he said, "It's alright, you all are boys. But what's more important is, did you win or lose?" He approached me brightly, and I think that is where I got my positive personality from.

Baro: Ever since I was young, my parents told me to do the things I want to do. I think it is because of the way that I was brought up that I feel the most confident when I'm doing the things I want to do.

In the lyrics of 'Colorful' there is a line that goes "I lose myself looking at you". Which member makes you watch them with fascination unknowingly?

Jinyoung: Whenever I watch Sandeul eat, I always think "Wow, he's amazing~", and I keep on watching (laughs).

Gongchan: The moment it hits you that Sandeul always has something in his mouth (laughs).

Sandeul: Recently CNU is eating as much as, or even more than I am.

CNU: Eating is a joy for me. There's so much delicious food in Japan that whenever I come, my food greed doesn't stop (laughs).

Sandeul: When Gongchan comes out of the shower and his hair is all up off his forehead, I find myself watching him unknowingly (laughs).

Gongchan: Thank you~! For me, it is when Jinyoung is sleeping. He has a variety of poses so it's quite interesting to watch him sleep.

Baro: I also find myself watching CNU sleep.

Gongchan: CNU is always sleeping nude.

CNU: I hate being restrained. For me, I watch Baro when... (he exchanges a glance with Baro) he is playing soccer. Be it during ISAC... I find myself being so surprised at how he's so cool.

There is a line of lyrics in 'Happy Days' that goes "Even if the world stops spinning". If you could have everyone in the world for a while, what would you do?

Baro: I want everyone to listen to what I have to say.

Like a king? What would you say?

Baro: Bring me delicious food.

All: (laughs)

Sandeul: Good~ (laughs).

Baro: Then I would ask for all the bad people to be brought to me. I will punish them, and then change them into kind people again.

Sandeul: What a good king!

Gongchan: For me, I want to fly around the world naked. I always feel restrained by clothes. For just a moment, I want to feel carefree both physically and mentally.

Jinyoung: I want to broadcast B1A4's concert live worldwide. And I want to make it that no matter what channel you change to, it is showing B1A4's concert.

Sandeul: Good~!

How about CNU?

CNU: I want to let everyone in the world listen to B1A4's song at the same time, and make them happy.

Sandeul: Me too. Like CNU, I want to let everyone listen to B1A4's song. And I hope that person listening to the song will be considerate to others. If there are people suffering out there, I hope they are happier listening to our song.

Gongchan: We have to work much much harder for that to happen!!

Christmas is coming - please let us about your ideal Christmas party or date.

Baro: It would be the most ideal to spend Christmas with my family, of course. And it would be nice to watch the falling snow with my other half in a room while drinking hot coffee. 

Jinyoung: I want to invite friends and family over to my house and listen to Christmas carols. It would be a nice Christmas party atmosphere with everyone dancing and chatting amongst themselves. As for a date, I want to go to a city where snow is falling, and just walk in the streets.

That's romantic. How about you, CNU?

CNU: Me too, I would love to invite my friends, family and loved ones to a Christmas party. It would be an ideal date to walk in a crowd.

Baro: Even your ideal date is the same as Jinyoung's?

Jinyoung: I don't want to walk in a crowded place.

What about Sandeul?

Sandeul: The ideal way to spend Christmas is to spend it with our BANAs. As for a date, I feel like it is important to do something together, so I want to make a cake together.

Gongchan: Me too, a party with BANAs would be great. It would be a nice date to go to the amusement park, get matching hairbands and ride attractions together.

Sandeul: I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with our BANAs this year at our concert!

Source: Oricon Style Japan (1 & 2)

Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

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NEWS ARTICLE 2015.12.11 15:08

In your new song 'Happy Days', self-composed by Jinyoung, the lyrics go "If you're here, I'm happy everyday". Can you talk about how you came about to choosing such a happy theme?

Jinyoung: I have a very positive personality, to the point that I feel happy from even the smallest things. I wrote this song hoping that those listening to it would feel the same way I do.

Baro: When I first heard the song, my mood was unknowingly lifted. It's an interesting song to sing to, and a song from which you can feel B1A4's unique brightness and energy.

There's a line in the lyrics that goes "If you're here I smile warmly". Amongst the members, who makes you smile?

Baro: (immediately) Me! Me!

Sandeul: Ah, self-recommendation? (laughs)

CNU: No, it's everyone. All of us have our own powerful charms.

Baro & Sandeul: (both of them hold a funny face competition)

Baro & Gongchan: (Baro starts tickling Gongchan)

CNU: Well it's something like that. This is how we get strength from the members (laughs).

What a great team you guys make! The music video was really cute and colorful, and came out really interestingly. Were there any stories from during the filming?

CNU: A lady comes out in the music video enlarged, but we did not actually see her during the filming as she was added in in post production. It was fun to have to imagine her there to act and react to!

Baro: This MV is produced by a Japanese director. Be it the scene with the lady, or the scene that we were running... The parts where we used CG were really fun. We did not know how it would look like until the finished product came out so it was really exciting.

Look back at 2015 and tell us about something that made you smile, or feel happy.

CNU: For me, it was our Korean comeback in August. After a break of 1 year, we released our mini album 'Sweet Girl'. Knowing that our fans waited for us, it made me really happy beyond anything else.

Sandeul: For me, it was taking part in my third musical 'Cinderella' this autumn. I was happy to be able to stand on stage, but even happier that the members came to watch.

Baro: Ehhhh, seriously?

How was Sandeul as a prince?

CNU: He was really handsome, showing off a very strong performance. (Next to him, Sandeul starts fiddling with his nails) Ah look at him being all shy (laughs).

Gongchan: For me, it's the world tour and being able to meet our overseas fans. From November onwards, we will be on our second world tour 'B1A4 ADVENTURE 2015'. Just like our first world tour, every country's fans are always passionate, and makes me anticipate how could the next country we are heading for be like.

Baro: For me, it's the outdoor concert that we held in Seoul in September. It was our first ever solo outdoor concert, and I think it was the one amongst all the concerts that we've held to have the best atmosphere. It did rain a little but that fit the ballads we sung well.

Jinyoung: Ah, it's the outdoor concert for me too! We did a little cosplay during the song 'With You', and it was really fun.

'Happy Days' was released on Jinyoung's birthday on 18 November. How did you spend your birthday?

Jinyoung: We were in Korea then, and the members planned a surprise celebration.

Baro: We prepared a cake according to Gongchan's plan, and invaded the producing room where Jinyoung hyung was working in.

Jinyoung: At first I thought, which of them had what business to come looking for me, but suddenly all of them came in and shouted "surprise!!!". Only then did I realize what was going on (laughs). I was touched. Thank you.

Gongchan: After the surprise ended, we all sat down and ate the cake together while congratulating him.

There will be 'B1A4 X'mas LIVE 2015' in both Tokyo and Osaka. What can we expect?

CNU: It is important to spend Christmas with the ones you love. This performance will be one that is made up of the people I love - the members and our fans. Please come and feel the warmth of the live show.

The song 'Colorful' in the 'Happy Days' album is a Christmas song.

Sandeul: Yes! It is a song that talks about how the world is more colorful on Christmas with everyone's smiling faces. It's a happy song, and will probably be the key point of our Christmas live concert.

This year you are having a live concert on Christmas, but are there any memories of your past Christmases with the members?

Baro: It was the Christmas of 2012. There were lots of CDs to be signed, and I remember the members all sitting in the office and signing them quietly while eating takeout jjajangmyeon... It was snowing outside, so it felt like an even lonelier Christmas... Memories of an enjoyable Christmas... There doesn't seem to be any! But that also means that I look forward to having even better memories in the future. Come to think of it, I have always spent Christmas with the members.

In January next year, you will be starting 'The Great World of B1A4~ B1A4 JAPAN TOUR 2016'. How do you feel about touring in such a long time?

Baro: There are venues that we will be going for the first time, and fans that we will be meeting for the first time ever. I'm looking forward to it! I hope to show various sides to us through this tour.

Have you prepared a show that will make your fans go 'kyaaaa'?

Baro: I can't tell you now.

All: It's a secret!

Alright (laughs). Leader Jinyoung, please tell us about B1A4's goals for 2016.

Jinyoung: I hope that all the members stay healthy. We will prepare well for the concert, and hopefully be able to release as many new songs as possible. Please look forward to B1A4 in 2016 as well!

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Happy even without receiving presents! The BEST 3 happy things to have happened to B1A4 Jinyoung recently


The release of our single 'Happy Days' was on my birthday. That day we were in Korea, and the members came into my producing room with a surprise so I spent the day enjoyably. We had a release event (for 'Happy Days') in Japan after that and I received lots of congratulatory messages from the Japanese fans. The best present was to hear fans tell me that they were really happy to be able to listen to our new song on my birthday. Present from the members? There was none (laugh). But I do not find material presents to be important so I didn't need a present. 

Overseas trips

We had our first ever world tour last year, and we are also in the midst of our second world tour at the moment. The fans in Mexico were really passionate! I'd love to have a live performance or recording in London, a country that we've never been to before. It has the image of being a country closely linked with music, no? Personally I'd like to go to Chicago in USA. The street atmosphere of when we went there for our world tour was so cool. Even though it was also quite chilly, it felt quite lonely. I definitely want to go there again. 


Not long ago I went to watch '007 Spectre'. It was quite thrilling so it was interesting. I really love watching movies but due to our busy schedule recently I haven't had much time to go to the theatres so it's quite a pity. It's the best to watch movies on the big screen, but I do also watch movies on the plane or through DVDs with the members in the dormitory. The only person amongst the members I would consider a movie connoisseur is Sandeul. There are times I even refer to his opinion. And if you have time, please watch the movie that I appeared in, 'Miss Granny'.

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Love at first sight in Nagoya! The BEST 3 food that Sandeul fell in love with after trying them in Japan

Tebasaki (Fried Chicken Wings)

My first meeting with tebasaki was in Nagoya. Crunchy, and the perfect balance of saltiness. I fell in love at first sight with it, so much that I can eat it without stopping. There are times I crave for it when I'm in Korea, and times that the taste comes to my mouth despite me not eating it at all. It made that big of an impact on me! If we get to go to Nagoya for our Japan tour, I will definitely eat it!

Uni (Sea Urchin)

I had it for the first time at a sushi restaurant in Tokyo. The gentleness of the sea spreads within your mouth and my mood instantly improved. Even though I grew up in a seaside city, I didn't like how grotesque it looked and how slippery it felt so I couldn't eat it well. But since everyone offered me, I took a challenge and it was delicious! There's also this dish called angler fish stew in Korea which I couldn't eat when I was young. Well they say that both sea urchin and angler fish stew are food for the adults. And since I like both these dishes so much now, I think my appetite has changed to that of an adult's!

Natto (Fermented Soybeans)

I like this because there's the feeling of getting healthier as you eat this. I had this for the first time not in Japan, but in Korea. I was curious how would it taste after seeing it in a Japanese manga. In Korea we have this rich bean paste stew made from fast-fermenting soybean too, so I asked what was it that looked similar to the stew but had threads coming out of it. And they told me it was natto. I tried it, and it was delicious! I fell in love with it and since then I've been offering it to the members, and everyone loves it now. It's healthy too, so it's really the best food.

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Recommended for couples! The BEST 3 places in Korea that B1A4 Baro wants to go this winter

Muju Ski Resort

If we're talking about places to go in winter, then definitely a ski resort! This is the most famous place in Korea where you can enjoy winter to your heart's delight. It's a must-go for both families or as a couple, but take note that it will be crowded (laughs). Even though I prefer snowboarding over skiing, I haven't been able to snowboard that often either. I learnt how to snowboard for the first time at the Tomamu Ski Resort in Hokkaido where we filmed our 'White Miracle' music video. Yes, actually, I'm a beginner (laughs). Sandeul snowboards really well so I've gone with him before too. It would be nice to go this season too.


This is a place that is the most highly populated by foreigners in Seoul, and is a place where you will be able to experience winter with people from all over the world. Despite being in Seoul, it feels like you're taking a short trip overseas whenever you go there so I highly recommend it. Maybe because there are people from all over the world there, there are many restaurants offering foods from all over the world, from Indian to Brazil cuisines. It's a great place to go on a food tour. It's an interesting place I hope everyone goes there at least one.


This is a really famous beach in Korea. The beach in winter is differently refreshing from the beach in summer. Be it with close friends, or family, it is a cool place to be, and even romantic when going as a couple. It's nice in the summer too, but because I'm not fond of crowded places, I recommend going there in the winter. Since it's by the sea, there are also plenty of street foodstalls selling seafood dishes, as well as restaurants specializing in sashimi - lots of places that will definitely cater to the tastebuds of Japanese travellers! Even though we go to Busan quite often for work schedules, honestly I've never been there for a personal reason (laughs).

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I want to reenact that famous scene! B1A4's Gongchan chooses his BEST 3 Japanese dramas 

Rich Man, Poor Woman (FujiTV)

Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi are my favourite actor and actress, and this is a drama I watched several times. In the special 'Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York' episode, there is a scene where both actors talk over Skype. It was a cute scene so I like it very much. To be honest, it's hard for the boss of a company to have a relationship with a company intern, so it was interesting to see how they worked their differences out. I'm checking out several other Japanese dramas recently too.

Long Vacation (FujiTV)

I like Kimura Takuya very much so I have watched several of his productions. I started watching this drama under the recommendation of the staffs we work with. It is a drama that aired about the time I was born. The chemistry between Kimura Takuya and Yamaguchi Tomoko was great, and I watched with a fluttering heart at how they got closer by fighting and getting to know each other when living together. I want to be able to do handsome roles like Kimura Takuya's someday too.

Suteki na Sen Taxi (FujiTV) 

Even though it's impossible to bring a person back to the turning point of their lives where they are able to choose a different choice, it's an interesting AU to watch. There is also the thrill of watching how that person's life changes with the choice they made! If the taxi appears in front of me, I might choose to take it, and go back to elementary school where I would choose to take up a second language. But from there on, the choice of whether to study English or Japanese would also cause me to live my life very differently too I guess (laughs).

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Mom's food is the best! The BEST 3 things that make CNU happy


My heart feels at ease with music. I probably listen to it anywhere and everywhere. Recently I have been listening to Korean artiste Lee Seunghwan. I also watched his live broadcast for a total of 6 hours and 21 minutes - they say it's the longest concert in Korea ever. Personally I'd like to break that record, but I wonder how the other members feel about that? (laughs) I compose music too, and I must say that I get inspiration from everything in this world, even from this table. The inspiration for the song 'Drive' on the 'Happy Days' album came when I was driving.


The energy that I get from eating food is great! I believe in the strength of food (laughs). If one's stomach is filled, they would feel happy too right? In particular, I get even more strength from homemade food that is made with sincerity. Be it Korean, Western or Japanese cuisine, it makes me happy to eat food that is made sincerely. But to me, the No. 1 is my mom's cooking. I love my mom's beef-bone soup the best. It has a milky white soup base, made from boiling beef bones for no less than 12 hours.


I regain energy from sleeping. I want to sleep for 12 hours or more. Usually we don't get much time to sleep so I try to sleep whenever I can. Otherwise I won't have energy to do the things I need to do. I think my record is about 16 hours? I always sleep after I shower, and because I don't like having something cover me when I'm asleep, my blanket only covers my stomach area. Even pyjamas are a nuisance so I usually sleep nude (laughs). I wake up pretty easily, unless I am really tired. Amongst the members, Jinyoung is the one who cannot wake up in the mornings.

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